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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Spotted in SoHo: Hidden Gem!

Who doesn't love jewelry? In fact, let me ask a better question... Who doesn't love gems? If you don't, this resource is about to expand your fashion tastebuds. LUNESSA jewelry boutique is an oasis for all the usual window shoppers, like myself. Their DIY (do it yourself) gem bar—where one can create custom piece charm necklaces and bracelets— is every gemstone-lover's oasis!

Tucked in the artsy streets of SoHo, NYC, I spotted the enchanted life-size jewel box, known as LUNESSA jewelry boutique. Trust me, LUNESSA is just as much of an experience, as it is a shopping trip. Although, my experience only allowed for the gem bar, one can find unique pieces for every budget. Pieces range from charms necklaces to diamond rings— a true crowd pleaser! Please note: most jewelry showcased is LUNESSA's own design and is locally crafted in NYC. 

Having the opportunity to chat with the self-taught jewelry designer Elise Perelman was just as enlightening as it was enjoyable. When I think of jewelry designers in NYC, I think of many different varieties of fabulous and talented people. Yes, there are some people that have connections that help them start thriving businesses. I admit, I'm guilty for assuming this. Perelman enlightened my outlook. Although, connections are never a bad thing. Sometimes we all forget that it's the long hours and love for what one does that makes a brand beautiful.   

Keynote: this enchanted jewel box is a hidden gem! 

Find LUNESSA boutique: 100 Thompson Street, NYC, 10012.

A 'Perelman' PICK :)

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