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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tasty Treats

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Bella Christie and Lil Z are bringing their sugary talents to a new location in Lawrenceville. And just like the domino effect of a sugary craving that comes from a sweet buttercream aroma from a freshly baked cake, it's my job to spread the sweet words... You need to visit! When it comes to "A Sweet Boutique," keeping an anything-is-possible open mind for all your desired sweet ideas is definitely key with Bella Christie and Lil Z. No request is too crazy. The more out of the ordinary, the better! Check out this indoor s'mores bar that was requested for a birthday party. Talk about innovative dessert ideas! In my opinion, that one takes the cake.
Photo Credit: Facebook

Chocolate, sprinkles, marshmallow, pretzels, cookies... the ingredients to blame for creating the, now trending at Bella Christie and Lil Z's: Tasty Treat. What kind of day are you having? Just as the milk chocolate melts, the next taste of fluffy marshmallow takes over. The smooth texture has now evolved to a delicate crisp. Ok, stop dreaming, this is real-life at “A Sweet Boutique.” Hopefully these mouth-watering effects are transforming your good day into something even better; especially, knowing you can make it reality!

Cities like New York, Chicago, and Pittsburgh are evolving their creativity into more than just traditional. Now, there are salons specialized for only blow-outs and instead of clothing mannequins, sweets are making there way into boutiques. Yes, you read right, chocolate is now being accented with interior design. This is where “A Sweet Boutique” starts trending on all social media as #FoodPorn.

Upon entering “A Sweet Boutique,” I am nostalgic of the time when I was a little girl devouring my dessert that I had waited for all afternoon. Let's face it, only someone like Britney Spears could have gotten my attention. DANGER: you're bound to see a few little girls making you envious of their sugar-high before even stepping foot inside.

Now, I'm not saying that when you walk into “A Sweet Boutique” you'll see pools of hot chocolate syrup and buttery salted caramel; however, your guilty chocolate conscious will get the best of you.Whether you're shopping for something that is either wearable or edible, it makes it even harder to say “no” when something is stylishly packaged. And you will make up every excuse you possibly can to take a Tasty Treat to-go.

A Tasty Treat is a no-mess and no-fuss creation, but you can't take away the artistic value of what bright colors and sparkle add to this unique item. They are perfect for the mid-day sweet tooth! Who doesn't want to spread the word on this hip dessert that is majestic enough to hold up in the sky for all the city to see. Grab a Tasty Treat for you and your plus-one, and cheers to that (ahhh, instagram moment).

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook
Besides the superficial traits to these Tasty Treats, you also need to look at the brains that went into the idea of mixing traditional desserts into the modern lifestyles of consumers. “A Sweet Boutique” has a sweet spot for all their customers, catering to the gluten-free and vegan. On top of their fresh sweets-are-for-everyone outlook, you have to hand it to them for keeping something around as simple as the treat-on-a-stick concept! Lastly adding portable consumption, as well as, easy preservation for a two-serving dessert (if you're a real stickler during bikini season) to the list of complementing attributions. Genius!  

Goodbyes are bittersweet. Follow "A Sweet Boutique" on their BlogFacebook and Twitter feeds.

213 Commercial Ave.
Aspinwall, PA 15215
Tel (412) 772-1283

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