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Monday, June 9, 2014


 I used to think Vogue was a magazine that only consisted of runway fashion I couldn't– still can't– afford. With time, I've realized that it possess' every ingredient that goes into the fashion concentrate of yummy goodness.

Besides the incredible fashion, Vogue has the best scoop on food, culture, people and places to make you worldly enough to take on any city with attitude. Publications like these, teach you that having knowledge is one of the sexiest things that you can attribute from. Yes, if Vogue was a smoothie, it would be the epic of all... smoothies? Do you like my sweet-tooth metaphor? I thought it's fitting to enjoy your power breakfast to during all the summer mornings underneath your patio umbrella. Speaking of which, lately, has been one of my favorite times to read. I've started an inspiration book– a collection of all my ideas– that looks like a bunch of scribbles and papers with torn edges. To me, this looks like organization. Hey, at least all my messiness is in one place!

 There was one article that I wanted to share. Recently, I have been obsessed with flowers (helping my mom at her garden center does that to you). When I saw an article about the new class of florists, it caught my attention. Then, I saw the sub-liners "beauty in the imperfect" and "wild at heart." Ungroomed and artistic combined with elegant and untouchable: descriptions of the florist and centerpiece. Which is which? You guessed it, ungroomed and artistic matches the florist. Writer Emily Holt adds funny excerpts, such as, the #iwokeuplikethis selfie term, while trying to explain the simultaneous look of a florist.

"There's that same joy in working with layering, proportions, and color palettes," she says. "Then again, I'm a compulsive listmaker, and most of my lists are ideas either for outfits or for flowers." Lisa Przystup, 

End result: You should read the June 2014 Vogue: Flash article and I think I want to be a florist now.

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