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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Build Me Up, Buttercup

The owner of Buttercup Boutique and I. The sweetest lady!

When I approached Buttercup Boutique, I had questions ready to ask, intending to get the answers I needed. After meeting owner Marcy, with constant intrigue, I did just that. I found out that the background of the store is just as interesting as their success they continue to have today. Owner Marcy Dearcangelis was nice to enough to share her story. Just like a lot of woman entrepreneurs, Marcy started realizing her talent for sales and business through working for Southern Living at Home as a Representative. She excelled and was rewarded $10,000 through Time Warner, at that time, a division of Southern Living at Home. She used that money as an investment for her first line of product Onesole. She continued to be successful and invested her money into her very own business, Buttercup Boutique.

Buttercup Boutique attracts to the traditional, yet, modern female. Whether you're age seven to 70, this boutique has something for all ages. It is truly a store that you can grow up with. Buttercup Boutique possess' the transitional pieces that, if lucky enough to have as a little girl, will translate into a fashionable, not to mention, economical and versatile woman.

 My shopping experience at Buttercup Boutique was warm and personal. Of course, everyone anticipates making a purchase when they go to a store. However, what's the rush when you have the interior design of chandeliers, classy armories (full of wearable crystals) and endless amount of inventory makes you feel at home. Or maybe it's the customer service that is never overbearing, but just right for all your shopping needs.

Every room, depending on line of product, is tailored to target age group. I, first, found myself in a room of interchangeable dish-ware– and regardless, of still living off my parents meals– making me excited for every excuse to bring out another one of those cute interchangeable, decor pieces. Then, suddenly, I'm in what is sure to be any little girl's dream– a playhouse of everything that sparkles, as well as, tutu's they can actually wear out in public without their mom's yelling at them to change.

Some top-selling brands include: 

  • Onesole is the brand that started it all. The first line of product that owner Marcy invested in: one sole, endless interchangeable looks. 
  • Lindsay Phillips is the designer of SwitchFlops. The brand is sometimes better-known for the brains behind this versatile and economical invention. As Lindsay likes to say: "Change your look, not your sole." The Buttercup Boutique is a destination store for this fabulous line. Shoppers from surrounding areas, such as Pittsburgh, come to the store for the exclusive inventory. 
  • Farmhouse Fresh has been featured in publications like O Magazine, Elle, American Spa, Essence and InStyle. Each product is made with up to 99.6 percent natural and naturally-derived ingredients. Everything they make is paraben & sulfate free with fragrances that are also all natural. Many of their products are also vegan and gluten free!
  • Mariana originates from Israel. Mariana's hand-crafted pieces are of exceptional quality and come to you with a lifetime guarantee. Don't forget to personalize your Mariana Jewelry, today! 
  • Sorelli jewelry is handcrafted from genuine semi-precious and hand-crafted Austrian stones. Sorelli also offers a lifetime guarantee with every purchase. 
  • Miche is another line that really put Buttercup Boutique in the making. They donate a portion of their sales from their popular "Hope" Handbag Shells with various causes as a part of their Hope initiative. Their unique name is pronounced: MEE-CHEE. 
  • Nora Fleming has a range of platters and decor that everyone will remember. And perfect for any gathering!

Initially, when I asked owner Marcy Dearcangelis which word described Buttercup Boutique, she had a complete description, but was at a loss for the perfect, one word. At the end of my visit, I found that the perfect word to sum up the boutique was, nonetheless: interchangeable.

Dictionary definition: Interchangeable- capable of being used in place of each other.

Buttercup Boutique definition: Interchangeable- capable of being used in place of each other because of same emplacement, yet, each visual piece is unique in itself. Hard to buy just one. Addictive. Some might call it obsessive. They're just crazy.


BB Favorites

Note* These sunglasses were $12! Sorry, Prada. So far, these look-a-likes from Buttercup Boutique are my greatest steal all season.

*415 N Centre Street Cumberland, Maryland 21502*


Saturday, May 17, 2014

White Collection

Finding Inspiration

Whether you live in a rural or urban area, it is important to notice the life that surrounds you. Today, most of us are used to living in a fast-pace day-to-day routine; with that said, take a few minutes a day to observe the beauty around you, no matter how busy you are. Like any aspiring Fashionista/o, create original ideas. For example, a designer who saw a sunset on the other side of the world may have created the known trend: ombre.

A beautiful thing about fashion is that behind every trend is an inspiration. And sure, we may not have been with this (hypothetically speaking) designer when his imagination sparked a flame of creativity, but we can all relate to the trend that came from a beautiful sunset from who-knows-where.

Today, I found inspiration for an all-white outfit from this beautiful flat of white pansies.