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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Snow Day

When it comes to snow days, I have mixed emotions. A part of me loves how they make me want to not do anything but relax all-day. The other part of me is furious because those oreos that I've been avoiding so well are now next to me on a napkin looking ready-to-be-eaten. Oh well- I still have six weeks until Spring Break to work-out (YES, I'm counting down.)

The new InStyle caught my attention with my all-time-favorite Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover. As I pass by the many beautiful Chanel, Gucci, ecetera ads; She is featured talking about her new shoe-line SJP. I love the way she describes "The Tanny" heel as a French blue instead of the well-known navy.
Parker said: "People should dress the way they want. Any rules for age or shape are silly. If you walk out the door feeling good about yourself, that's what counts."
I can't wait to check out this shoe-line of someone who truly made Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, and many others a household name. I know she's who taught me what a good shoe looks like.

I finished my snow day off by reading about Peter Pilotto for Target. I love it when designers create contemporary clothing lines that are affordable. Driving to Target is definitely on my to-do list for when the roads clear up!

Stay warm,

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