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Monday, November 3, 2014

Being DVF: Meanwhile Taking Notes!!

Last time in Brooklyn, I went thrifting at People of 2morrow. I found a sweater coat that was a unique wool pattern. It was perfect for two reasons; the approaching low temperatures and—even more perfect— the Diane von Furstenberg label!

Former princess royalty and current fashion mogul—DVF is perfect. I've been a fan, ever since I saw the view of her flagship store from the High Line in the Chelsea Meatpacking District.

Last night was the premiere of E's new series House Of DVF. With today's reality shows, it's hard to tell what's real. DVF is trying to bring the truth back to 'reality' television. Who will be DVF's next Brand Ambassador? Secretly wanting to be on the show myself... I am loving the hard love that DVF hands to her pool of candidates. 

One of my favorite one-on-one meetings was with DVF and Kier. "Why does everyone think you're a bitch?” Kier replied, “I'm honest." DVF wisely retaliated with, “well, that doesn't make you a bitch.” 

Hopefully, it is easier to build character than to teach someone to do their job well. My prediction is that Kier will continue to grow as a DVF gal. 

Next week, the girls are making inspiration boards! I can't wait to see what they pull that translates into this season. 

First things first: the DVF girl represents the brand at all times. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Spotted in SoHo: Hidden Gem!

Who doesn't love jewelry? In fact, let me ask a better question... Who doesn't love gems? If you don't, this resource is about to expand your fashion tastebuds. LUNESSA jewelry boutique is an oasis for all the usual window shoppers, like myself. Their DIY (do it yourself) gem bar—where one can create custom piece charm necklaces and bracelets— is every gemstone-lover's oasis!

Tucked in the artsy streets of SoHo, NYC, I spotted the enchanted life-size jewel box, known as LUNESSA jewelry boutique. Trust me, LUNESSA is just as much of an experience, as it is a shopping trip. Although, my experience only allowed for the gem bar, one can find unique pieces for every budget. Pieces range from charms necklaces to diamond rings— a true crowd pleaser! Please note: most jewelry showcased is LUNESSA's own design and is locally crafted in NYC. 

Having the opportunity to chat with the self-taught jewelry designer Elise Perelman was just as enlightening as it was enjoyable. When I think of jewelry designers in NYC, I think of many different varieties of fabulous and talented people. Yes, there are some people that have connections that help them start thriving businesses. I admit, I'm guilty for assuming this. Perelman enlightened my outlook. Although, connections are never a bad thing. Sometimes we all forget that it's the long hours and love for what one does that makes a brand beautiful.   

Keynote: this enchanted jewel box is a hidden gem! 

Find LUNESSA boutique: 100 Thompson Street, NYC, 10012.

A 'Perelman' PICK :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

VB Photo shoot

I have been interning for Veronica Beard for about one week and I have already endured a photo shoot for their fall 2014 line. How crazy is that! Yes... before today, I was mostly in the garment closet– pulling samples, etc. But honestly, I love every second of even the simplest task. 

I get a sense of nostalgia every time I pull items in the VB closet. My NaNa always taught me to feel the fabrics before purchasing my clothes. In past shopping endeavors,  if it didn't feel soft, then there would be any chance of purchase pursuasion. Because of this, I feel so lucky that I get to intern with a designer that only uses the most lavish of fabrics. Trust me when I say, they feel amazing! 

So back to the photo-shoot. I wanted to share these behind-the-scene photos that I took of the model– who is probably the next Kate Moss– going through each fabulous step of today's photo shoot. 

While looking at these pics, try to imagine yourself taking a glamorous tour of the upper-east-side in the iconic staples that should be (better be) in your fall 2014 wardrobe! I can't wait to see what comes next leading up to my NYFW experience. You can only imagine my anticipation!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tasty Treats

Photo Credit: Facebook

Bella Christie and Lil Z are bringing their sugary talents to a new location in Lawrenceville. And just like the domino effect of a sugary craving that comes from a sweet buttercream aroma from a freshly baked cake, it's my job to spread the sweet words... You need to visit! When it comes to "A Sweet Boutique," keeping an anything-is-possible open mind for all your desired sweet ideas is definitely key with Bella Christie and Lil Z. No request is too crazy. The more out of the ordinary, the better! Check out this indoor s'mores bar that was requested for a birthday party. Talk about innovative dessert ideas! In my opinion, that one takes the cake.
Photo Credit: Facebook

Chocolate, sprinkles, marshmallow, pretzels, cookies... the ingredients to blame for creating the, now trending at Bella Christie and Lil Z's: Tasty Treat. What kind of day are you having? Just as the milk chocolate melts, the next taste of fluffy marshmallow takes over. The smooth texture has now evolved to a delicate crisp. Ok, stop dreaming, this is real-life at “A Sweet Boutique.” Hopefully these mouth-watering effects are transforming your good day into something even better; especially, knowing you can make it reality!

Cities like New York, Chicago, and Pittsburgh are evolving their creativity into more than just traditional. Now, there are salons specialized for only blow-outs and instead of clothing mannequins, sweets are making there way into boutiques. Yes, you read right, chocolate is now being accented with interior design. This is where “A Sweet Boutique” starts trending on all social media as #FoodPorn.

Upon entering “A Sweet Boutique,” I am nostalgic of the time when I was a little girl devouring my dessert that I had waited for all afternoon. Let's face it, only someone like Britney Spears could have gotten my attention. DANGER: you're bound to see a few little girls making you envious of their sugar-high before even stepping foot inside.

Now, I'm not saying that when you walk into “A Sweet Boutique” you'll see pools of hot chocolate syrup and buttery salted caramel; however, your guilty chocolate conscious will get the best of you.Whether you're shopping for something that is either wearable or edible, it makes it even harder to say “no” when something is stylishly packaged. And you will make up every excuse you possibly can to take a Tasty Treat to-go.

A Tasty Treat is a no-mess and no-fuss creation, but you can't take away the artistic value of what bright colors and sparkle add to this unique item. They are perfect for the mid-day sweet tooth! Who doesn't want to spread the word on this hip dessert that is majestic enough to hold up in the sky for all the city to see. Grab a Tasty Treat for you and your plus-one, and cheers to that (ahhh, instagram moment).

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook
Besides the superficial traits to these Tasty Treats, you also need to look at the brains that went into the idea of mixing traditional desserts into the modern lifestyles of consumers. “A Sweet Boutique” has a sweet spot for all their customers, catering to the gluten-free and vegan. On top of their fresh sweets-are-for-everyone outlook, you have to hand it to them for keeping something around as simple as the treat-on-a-stick concept! Lastly adding portable consumption, as well as, easy preservation for a two-serving dessert (if you're a real stickler during bikini season) to the list of complementing attributions. Genius!  

Goodbyes are bittersweet. Follow "A Sweet Boutique" on their BlogFacebook and Twitter feeds.

213 Commercial Ave.
Aspinwall, PA 15215
Tel (412) 772-1283

(See NEW location attached with logo above)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

In The Spotlight: The Gold Lion

Her long legs will make you envious. Leopard may not or may be her favorite animal print. Want to spend a day with her? If so, plan for a night of Bravo TV and wine. Red solo cup or wine glass? Even if it was a laid-back night at home, she'd pick the wine glass. No matter where she is, she chooses to live life to the fullest. Her name is Courtney Brown. And she happens to be the name behind the amazing style that is modeled on the blog “The Golden Lion.”

“The Gold Lion,” is one of my favorite blogs. And no matter how known the blog is currently, as long as Brown's thinking fabulous, whatever she creates is fabulous to me (positivity is key!). Normally, I am one for informational articles on what I should wear and for which occasion; although, I need to make an exception when every blog post I see makes me want to buy her entire outfit. Hence: her shoppable links are threatening to your bank account. If an item is sold out, don't worry! She has a second best choice in backstock for you.

Her last post was titled “Boys Club,” but don't let her fool you. Brown is an enthusiast. She pushes the envelope with trends– who knew that a leopard bootie could match a sporty sweater. Who labeled a sporty girl as masculine anyways? Truth is, sometimes fashion has a way of looking fabulous when it doesn't technically match. And sometimes it does match, it's just not favored by people that have one perspective of what a style, like sporty, should look like. Personally, I'd rather force someone to do a double take, rather than being able to figure out my personal style with one glimpse. Blogger Courtney Brown is the epitome of this philosophy.

Her resume consists of one of my favorite boutiques. Brown is a manager at Park and Madison boutique. Based in Morgantown, WV, this boutique can't be discredited for its location. Fashion wise, it offers everything and anything that a college town needs. It gives WV residents and visitors VIP access to brands like Bailey 44, Young, Fabulous, and Broke; and MOTHER denim. Park and Madison has only been around for a few years and has already made it onto the pages of publications such as ELLE magazine. When it comes to ratings, I don't care what year it is, especially when the rating entails “the best boutique in West Virginia.” In my opinion, that rating is a beyond huge accomplishment for a business that hasn't been around for more than a decade (especially in the little city of Morgantown, WV).

Working as a manager at Park and Madison, you'd think that see'd get a knack for fashion from all her buying experience. If you think that, you thought right. Brown has made trips with Park and Madison boutique bosses to Las Vegas, New York, etc. With time, I wouldn't be surprised if she started her own boutique. I will tell you now– with full confidence– she is one to watch!

Being a huge fan of fashion, she doesn't just keep up with the latest trends. When I asked Brown if she read the book by the CEO of Nasty Gal Sophia Amoruso, titled “#GIRLBOSS,” I heard no hesitation in her answer besides a confident yes! Not to dish any gossip on this fabulous blogger, but I remember something specific from working for her a couple years ago that just stuck. This woman loves Nasty Gal. I remember her saying this exact quote, “my mom keeps wondering why I keep getting packages from the business Nasty Gal.” As hilarious as this is, I understand her mom's bizarre thought; although, a successful establishment needs a controversial name. Besides the point– at the time, I didn't even know what Nasty Gal was. Today, Nasty Gal is a fashion empire. She may only be known as a boss at Park and Madison, but Brown is a #GIRLBOSS in more ways than one.

Give her a S/O! :
The Golden Lion

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Sweetest Boutique I've Ever Seen

While in a search for clothing boutiques, I came across the sweetest boutique I'd ever seen. If you're ever making a day trip to Pittsburgh, P.A., you need to make sure to take a stroll down to the Strip District. A Sweet Boutique is the perfect place for anyone who has a sweet-tooth. Ironically, I found this boutique after writing my "Sweet-Tooth" blog post (definitely was meant to be!). This boutique has something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you prefer your sweets to be gluten-free or vegan-friendly, you name it, they have it!

WARNING: I know diamonds and rhinestones are a hard concept to become accustomed to, but I hope you can learn to love these decorations as much as I already do (sarcasm implied :)).


Location: 3511 Butler St. Lawrenceville, PA, 15201

For all my readers with a sweet-tooth: stay tuned for more word-of-mouth on A Sweet Boutique.

I like to share my sweet finds! :)

Monday, June 9, 2014


 I used to think Vogue was a magazine that only consisted of runway fashion I couldn't– still can't– afford. With time, I've realized that it possess' every ingredient that goes into the fashion concentrate of yummy goodness.

Besides the incredible fashion, Vogue has the best scoop on food, culture, people and places to make you worldly enough to take on any city with attitude. Publications like these, teach you that having knowledge is one of the sexiest things that you can attribute from. Yes, if Vogue was a smoothie, it would be the epic of all... smoothies? Do you like my sweet-tooth metaphor? I thought it's fitting to enjoy your power breakfast to during all the summer mornings underneath your patio umbrella. Speaking of which, lately, has been one of my favorite times to read. I've started an inspiration book– a collection of all my ideas– that looks like a bunch of scribbles and papers with torn edges. To me, this looks like organization. Hey, at least all my messiness is in one place!

 There was one article that I wanted to share. Recently, I have been obsessed with flowers (helping my mom at her garden center does that to you). When I saw an article about the new class of florists, it caught my attention. Then, I saw the sub-liners "beauty in the imperfect" and "wild at heart." Ungroomed and artistic combined with elegant and untouchable: descriptions of the florist and centerpiece. Which is which? You guessed it, ungroomed and artistic matches the florist. Writer Emily Holt adds funny excerpts, such as, the #iwokeuplikethis selfie term, while trying to explain the simultaneous look of a florist.

"There's that same joy in working with layering, proportions, and color palettes," she says. "Then again, I'm a compulsive listmaker, and most of my lists are ideas either for outfits or for flowers." Lisa Przystup, 

End result: You should read the June 2014 Vogue: Flash article and I think I want to be a florist now.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Build Me Up, Buttercup

The owner of Buttercup Boutique and I. The sweetest lady!

When I approached Buttercup Boutique, I had questions ready to ask, intending to get the answers I needed. After meeting owner Marcy, with constant intrigue, I did just that. I found out that the background of the store is just as interesting as their success they continue to have today. Owner Marcy Dearcangelis was nice to enough to share her story. Just like a lot of woman entrepreneurs, Marcy started realizing her talent for sales and business through working for Southern Living at Home as a Representative. She excelled and was rewarded $10,000 through Time Warner, at that time, a division of Southern Living at Home. She used that money as an investment for her first line of product Onesole. She continued to be successful and invested her money into her very own business, Buttercup Boutique.

Buttercup Boutique attracts to the traditional, yet, modern female. Whether you're age seven to 70, this boutique has something for all ages. It is truly a store that you can grow up with. Buttercup Boutique possess' the transitional pieces that, if lucky enough to have as a little girl, will translate into a fashionable, not to mention, economical and versatile woman.

 My shopping experience at Buttercup Boutique was warm and personal. Of course, everyone anticipates making a purchase when they go to a store. However, what's the rush when you have the interior design of chandeliers, classy armories (full of wearable crystals) and endless amount of inventory makes you feel at home. Or maybe it's the customer service that is never overbearing, but just right for all your shopping needs.

Every room, depending on line of product, is tailored to target age group. I, first, found myself in a room of interchangeable dish-ware– and regardless, of still living off my parents meals– making me excited for every excuse to bring out another one of those cute interchangeable, decor pieces. Then, suddenly, I'm in what is sure to be any little girl's dream– a playhouse of everything that sparkles, as well as, tutu's they can actually wear out in public without their mom's yelling at them to change.

Some top-selling brands include: 

  • Onesole is the brand that started it all. The first line of product that owner Marcy invested in: one sole, endless interchangeable looks. 
  • Lindsay Phillips is the designer of SwitchFlops. The brand is sometimes better-known for the brains behind this versatile and economical invention. As Lindsay likes to say: "Change your look, not your sole." The Buttercup Boutique is a destination store for this fabulous line. Shoppers from surrounding areas, such as Pittsburgh, come to the store for the exclusive inventory. 
  • Farmhouse Fresh has been featured in publications like O Magazine, Elle, American Spa, Essence and InStyle. Each product is made with up to 99.6 percent natural and naturally-derived ingredients. Everything they make is paraben & sulfate free with fragrances that are also all natural. Many of their products are also vegan and gluten free!
  • Mariana originates from Israel. Mariana's hand-crafted pieces are of exceptional quality and come to you with a lifetime guarantee. Don't forget to personalize your Mariana Jewelry, today! 
  • Sorelli jewelry is handcrafted from genuine semi-precious and hand-crafted Austrian stones. Sorelli also offers a lifetime guarantee with every purchase. 
  • Miche is another line that really put Buttercup Boutique in the making. They donate a portion of their sales from their popular "Hope" Handbag Shells with various causes as a part of their Hope initiative. Their unique name is pronounced: MEE-CHEE. 
  • Nora Fleming has a range of platters and decor that everyone will remember. And perfect for any gathering!

Initially, when I asked owner Marcy Dearcangelis which word described Buttercup Boutique, she had a complete description, but was at a loss for the perfect, one word. At the end of my visit, I found that the perfect word to sum up the boutique was, nonetheless: interchangeable.

Dictionary definition: Interchangeable- capable of being used in place of each other.

Buttercup Boutique definition: Interchangeable- capable of being used in place of each other because of same emplacement, yet, each visual piece is unique in itself. Hard to buy just one. Addictive. Some might call it obsessive. They're just crazy.


BB Favorites

Note* These sunglasses were $12! Sorry, Prada. So far, these look-a-likes from Buttercup Boutique are my greatest steal all season.

*415 N Centre Street Cumberland, Maryland 21502*


Saturday, May 17, 2014

White Collection

Finding Inspiration

Whether you live in a rural or urban area, it is important to notice the life that surrounds you. Today, most of us are used to living in a fast-pace day-to-day routine; with that said, take a few minutes a day to observe the beauty around you, no matter how busy you are. Like any aspiring Fashionista/o, create original ideas. For example, a designer who saw a sunset on the other side of the world may have created the known trend: ombre.

A beautiful thing about fashion is that behind every trend is an inspiration. And sure, we may not have been with this (hypothetically speaking) designer when his imagination sparked a flame of creativity, but we can all relate to the trend that came from a beautiful sunset from who-knows-where.

Today, I found inspiration for an all-white outfit from this beautiful flat of white pansies.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Sunny Days Ahead!

Finally, the snow has begun to melt! I'm just too excited for flowers that I started my week off with floral graphics on both, Monday and Tuesday. 

First place: my graphic, cannot-forget-to-mention coziest sweatshirt by Wildfox.
Second place: my floral jeans by Mother. These pants are always attention-grabbing!

This weekend, I hit the Nordstrom sales rack and found a pair of black high-tops from Ash. Even though, the stereotype of sale might mean "last season," college students can't resist! These are the perfect shoes to transition into warmer weather. I love the hidden two-inch wedge and the plain fact that these are not my snow boots. 

I know trying to get out of this winter funk can be a project, so hit the sales rack! An item like an edgy pair of high-tops add dimension to my feminine floral print. Create a style that is a mixture of feminine and (somewhat) masculine to maintain the perfect balance. 

End your winter in full bloom.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hey, Sunshine!

 So....six more weeks of winter has been predicted? Luckily, sunglasses will always be a year-round necessity. 

1) I'm obsessing about these gold accents! This detail is fashion-forward but totally worth the statement. Whether you're looking for the Princess Filigree Round Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters, or that still-on-my-wish-list splurge from Dolce & Gabbana; these gold flower vines were meant to reside around your lenses. 

2) Not only are cut-outs making waves through your dress to accentuate a hour-glass figure on Friday night, or through your boots to play peek-a-boo with patterned socks, but with your sunglasses too. Now, shapes are rebelling. For the record: a square + a circle = true love.

3) Get extra terrestrial with the Luna Sunglasses from Wildfox Couture. They are a bit of a splurge for a fun pair of sunglasses; however, they are a great conversation piece for any spring break sunset!