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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Towne & Reese

Charlotte Bracelet paired with Sienna Necklace
Reasonably around $20 

Towne & Reese jewelry is a great line to bring to everyone's attention around the holidays. In the time of November, it's something for jewelry junkies to be give, receive, and be thankful for.
Consistently recognized by fashion magazines and influencers, Towne & Reese is a brand ladies of all ages crave in their wardrobe of accessories, and is sure to add chic style to any wardrobe or retail collection. The Today Show, Marie Claire, and The Bachelorette are just a few of the positive media placements that Towne & Reese has and continues to catch attention from.
"I'm a agent for Towne & Reese jewelry. By having a sample set on the WVU campus, it gives residents easy access to the line. If interested in Towne & Reese, contact me via email:" 

Elyse Cuff paired with Summer Ring
Reasonably around $30
 We all love stores that carry the current trends for the lowest price, but is it made to last? After working at an accessory based PR agency this past summer, one of the main concerns for buyers and consumers is what the product is made out of. All Towne & Reese jewelry is gold & silver-plated, nickel & lead-free. It is a quality jewelry line that maintains it's shine and throws the fearful word: tarnish, out the window!  

Online shoppers are welcome for discounted prices :)
**Stay tuned for items of the week**

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